Sunday, March 4, 2007

The Best Smelling candles by far!!!

When you enroll in the Candle of the Month Program, you can purchase any of our products at the wholesale price and resell them for significant profit! You can sell our products to fundraising organizations and you can sponsor others who wish to retail our products. You can earn 5-10% of the commissionable sales volume for people in that organization. Included in the package is a website to market your business.

Another good thing to remember is our candles have very very little soy in them at all, it's not one of the main ingredients or even close to one for that matter..the main ones are veggie, plant, and bees waxes, along with other renewable sources, as soy doesn't hold scent for very long at all.

One 16oz Jar candle will burn for 90+ hours providing it's not directly under a ceiling fan, or in a heavy draft, and the wicks are kept trimmed.

One 2.5oz Votive will burn for 15-20+ hours if in a tight fitting holder, our votives are not meant to be burned in 'regular' votive holders as they liquify when they melt, unlike paraffin candles that basically tunnel down the middle. If they're burned in a loose holder, they won't last anymore than 1 hour at the longest due to the fact they're going to 'run' all over the place. As with the jars, they shouldn't be in a direct draft and the wicks should be kept trimmed.

Melt burn times are going to depend upon how long the burners kept on :)

Pillars are made to burn down the middle, and 'glow' out the sides, with those not coming in a holder, be sure when you place them on a holder or plate of any kind that it's on a level surface to prevent melting a hole in the sides of the candle. Burn time is hard to gauge, as when it's done burning with the wick, it can be broken up and pieces put in a melter for many many more hours of burn time.

The Cinnamon Buns are also designed to burn down the middle. Burn time with these as well is hard to gauge, because the same can be done with these, after the wicks reached it's end, it too can be broken up and put in a melter for many many more hours of enjoyment.

The same also goes for Jars and votives, any left over wax can be broken up into pieces and put in a warmer for added hours of enjoyment! :)

Just another reminder....

Description: The Candle of The Month Program is a unique program which allows members to receive a brand new fragrance every single month. Members are put onto an autoship program and must maintain a $39.95 (or greater) autoship volume to remain active. Being a member allows you to purchase candles and other products at deep wholesale prices. In addition, program members can earn commissions on all sales activities of all distributors in their downline organizations 6 levels deep. Each new Candle of The Month package includes the following:
(1) 16oz. Jar Candle (1) Dozen 2.5oz. Votives (1) Bella Bar(1) Company website