Saturday, August 30, 2008

September Specials!!

Buy an Adult Backpack, Medium Tote or Cindy Tote from the Brown Woven, Brown Damask, or Black Bubble Quilting Collections, get 50% off an accessory.

Buy One of These :o)

1710 Adult Backpack Brown Damask, $64.00
1711 Adult Backpack Black Bubble Quilting, $64.00
1714 Cindy Tote Black Bubble Quilting, $69.50
1715 Cindy Tote Brown Woven, $69.50
1746 Medium Tote Black Bubble Quilting, $55.00
1747 Medium Tote Brown Damask, $55.00
1748 Medium Tote Brown Woven, $55.00

And Get One of These 1/2 OFF!!
1284 Key Fob Brown Damask, $5.00
1285 Key Fob Brown Woven, $5.00
1286 Key Fob Black solid, $5.00
1288 Wallet Brown Woven, $25.00
1293 Soft Wallet Black Bubble Quilt, $20.00
1294 Soft Wallet Brown Damask, $20.00
1295 Soft Wallet Burgundy Stripe, $20.00
1297 Zip Around Cosmetic Bag Black Bubble Quilting, $14.00
1298 Zip Around Cosmetic Bag Brown Woven, $14.00
1299 Zip Around Cosmetic Bag Brown Damask, $14.00
1324 Black Dot Key Fob Black Floral Collection, $5.00
1325 Wallet Black Floral Collection, $25.00
1326 Cosmetic Bag Black Floral Collection, $14.00
1543 Wallet-Black/White Dots, $25.00

You can go to my website at to view these items!!! I have the Brown Damask Medium tote & I LOVE IT!!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I just wanted to post a few of the things that are available in our new catalog... If you are interested in earning these items for FREE please contact me for a party at your home, online, or a book order :o).. Thanks so much & Happy Shopping!!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

New Mia-Bella products

Here are some new items that were introduced at the fling... I didn't get to go, but sure hope to some year!!! You can see what we have by visiting my website

New Mia Bella’s Bakery Pies – Chocolate Dream Pie, Key Lime Pie, and Strawberry Crème Pie!
New green glass Holiday Jar with gorgeous box – “Snowplace Like Home”
New and improved Hand Wash now featuring a foaming pump!
New Car Freshener – “Bay Leaf and Cloves”!
New Banana Crème Pie Mia Melts! (Fragrance only available in Melts; does not work in jars at present)

Thirty-One August Customer Specials!!

This month's customer special is Buy 1 Fabric Letter, get one FREE or Buy 1 Metal Letter Hanger, get one FREE!!!! How great is that? If you are iterested, please go to to see all of our new products... You can also order these online & have them shipped directly to your home for an extra $4.00..

Thanks so much!

Friday, August 1, 2008


Today is the day that the FALL catalog for Thirty One has been released. We can now place orders from it!!!! I know alot of you thought this day would never come.. Please visit my website at, to view the new products.. They are so awesome, just a few are shown below! You can order from my website, or I would be glad to set it up where you can do an order online!! I am still taking dates for home parties so if you are interested in having one let me know... I have a lot of people doing bookorders too... They are all listed on My Events on my website!!! Have a great weekend!!!