Wednesday, May 28, 2008

WCMS JV Basketball

Woohoo - I have been meaning to post that Samantha made the WCMS JV Basketball team :o)... We are soooo excited & glad she made JV so she will have Coach Shea Panter for another year! She is a great coach & person. The girls really love & respect her... As most of you know there is no 7th grade team anymore... You are either Varsity or JV.... Let's just say I am proud Sam is on JV :o)... Both teams have 4 7th gradersss :o)... Well, I know I am late & I am sorry, but I have been under the weather with strep throat, bronchitis, and allergies - OH MY..... Just wanted to share my excitement!

Thirty-One & Mia Bella :o)

Good evening! I just wanted to give an update on both of my part time businesses that I absolutely love & thank God for. They are both doing great! Those of you who have ever burned my candles know that these are the best & u won't buy any others :o)... So if any of you are interested in trying these wonderful candles, they are $20.00 & I place orders about once or twice a month.. So just holler if you want something.... To view our products & see our flavors go to

My Thirty-One business has really taken off better than expected. People are loving the products, & people I didn't even know knew about it have called me & want to do a show :o)... Go me!!! I have ordered more than enough for myself also... The good thing is with this company there is always a Spring/Summer line, & a Fall/Winter line, so you can have a party in the early part of the year & you can have another later in the year. Always allow at least 3 weeks for your order to arrive once it is finalized... They also have a new special for every month that a Hostess can get for free, or dirt cheap..... IF you are interested, here is my website: The special for June is either the Small Geometric Jacquard Handbag which you can purchase for $12.00(reg. $40), or you can purchase the Geometric Jacquard Organizer/Wallet for $11.40 (reg. $38)... How great is that?? That is why my June dates are going fast. If you think you are interested get with me soon!

Well, have a GREAT evening!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Let's Make Some FREE Money!!

Ok - I took my chance at this free money thing that I saw on Holly's page... It is legite... So if you want to get $25.00 for free, click on the following link!!! This is just like paypal, but better & more secure!! Thanks & Have a GREAT DAY!!!

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Thursday, May 8, 2008


Sorry it has taken me so long to blog.. With Samantha playing softball all the time, I never seemed to be at home... Now me & Samantha both have strep & I have seasonal bronchitis on top of that :o(... Let's see - softball is over - woohoo, but basketball begins next week... My candle business is still going strong & growing everyday.... My Thirty-One business is really taking off as well... If you haven't had a chance to see our Thirty-One line, please do so... The website doesn't do our products justice, & that has been shown at my home shows I have been doing - customers are like "WOW - that is really nice - it looks cheap online".... Book orders, or online orders are really big with a lot of my customers now too... So if you would like to do a show or an order, just let me know!!!

Have a great day!!