Monday, February 18, 2008

Candle Parties?? Fundraisers??

If anyone is interested in having a candle party, or if you are looking for a fundraiser for your group, please contact me!!! I will be glad to help you out!!!

Saturday, Feb. 16th

I went out on a date with my daddy... This was our 10th year of attending Father Daughter Date night together.... We started attending when it was still being held at Bobby Ray Elementary.... Needless to say we had a blast even if we both were cripple & couldn't dance much! We did do the Chicken Dance, the YMCA, & danced to the slow ones... I really appreciate my dad taking me every year... This is one time every year that we have time together to just chill out & jam :o)... Thanks dad!!!!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Thursday Night :o(

For those of you who were at the Middle School game Thurs. night, that I unfortunately missed due to a tumble I took on the stairs in the bleachers... I am doing much better... Ther reset my ankle at the local RiverPark ER, & put a splint on it till I could see an ortho today.... I went to the boro today & I am now sporting around a sexy black boot :o) - lol.... Well, just wanted those of you who were there, or heard about my accident - that I am doing much better!!!!

I have another New Distributor :o)

Please welcome Shellie Grissom to my team... I think she is going to be a great asset.. She was already selling these wonderful candles, before she joined as a COTM member.... She bought 1 jar & took it with her everywhere & was getting orders right & left.... She is a wonderful person & has an awesome attitude :o)... I am thrilled to have her as a member of my team!!!!