Friday, December 19, 2008

Merry Christmas!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008



SHOW SALES LEVEL 1 $350.00 = $20.00 FOR SPRING
SHOW SALES LEVEL 2 $550.00 = $40.00 FOR SPRING
SHOW SALES LEVEL 3 $850.00 = $60.00 FOR SPRING

$200-$349 = 10% FREE - 1 1/2 PRICE ITEM - 10% OFF RETAIL - 8% SHIPPING
$350-$499 = 10% FREE - 2 1/2 PRICE ITEMS - 10% OFF RETAIL - 8% SHIPPING
$500-$749 = 15% FREE - 3 1/2 PRICE ITEMS - 10% OFF RETAIL - FREE SHIPPING
$750-$$999 = 15% FREE - 4 1/2 PRICE ITEMS - 10% OFF RETAIL - FREE SHIPPING
$1000 & UP = 20% FREE - 5 1/2 PRICE ITEMS - 10% OFF RETAIL - FREE SHIPPING


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Last Minute Christmas Gifts??

If you are in need of last minute Christmas gifts, please go by Silver Scissors.... In Tina Foster's room I have melts bagged up($3.00 for a bag of 3), jar candles($20.00), & gift sets (tealight melter, tealight & 5 melts$20.00)..... Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

December 7th - Carrie Underwood & Little Big Town

On December 7th, me, Samantha, & Susan all went to see Little Big Town & Carrie Underwood :o) This was such a great concert & we had awesome seats as you can tell by the pictures... Just wanted to post a few pics from that night... Hope you enjoy :o)...

When Elmo Grows Up!!

Ok I know I am way behind on posting, so I will start with Elmo Live on Stage "When Elmo grows up" which was November 28th... We made a whole day of Nashville that day. We had Elmo @ 2:30, then when it got out we went & ate at the Big River Grill before heading over to the Predators game :o) Here are just a few pictures from the day...

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Looking for Christmas gifts???

Please keep me in mind this holiday season. I have the best smelling candles & burning candles on the market... I have some gift sets at Silver Scissors, along with some jar candles, & some melts :o).. I also have Thirty One Gifts :o) - we have a great line of monogrammable stuff & monogramming is always FREE.. Please visit my website, or contact me for more information... Deadline to place orders from Thirty One to get them back for Christmas is December 1st!! Please see below a few posts down for specials that are going on right now...

Birthday Cake

"Birthday Cake"
16oz. Jar Candle $20.00 & Bag of Melts(10) $10.00
Description: You'll love this mouth-watering fragrance of fresh-baked frosted cake, taking you back in time to birthday celebrations of your childhood."

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fall Break @ Ft. Walton Beach

Our condo - Summer Place

Samantha buried in sand

Ryan buried in sand

Me & Susan - our 1st day at the beach :o)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Early November Hostess Special
*valid for orders submitted Nov 1st - 23rd only*

Host and submit a $500 party by Nov 23rd and receive an Adult Skirt Purse for $10 with a $500 party (personalization & Skirt included).

Early November Customer Special
*valid for orders submitted Nov 1st - 23rd only*

Our Thermal Lunch Bags are on Sale for $18 and available with a FREE single letter appliqué between November 1 – 23rd! ($7.50 value) (choose from Aqua or Brown single letter applique – all letters are lower case)

(Customer Specials and Hostess Specials cannot be combined)

Late Nov. Early Dec . Hostess Special
*valid for orders submitted Nov 24th - Dec 31st only*

Submit a $500 party and receive a Basket for $10! Choose from: #1649 (Small Rectangle), #5853 (Small Magazine); #5854 (Medium Magazine)

Late Nov. Early Dec . Customer Special
*valid for orders submitted Nov 24th - Dec 31st only*

Our Ceramic Candle/Accent Melter is on sale for 70% off with a $20 retail purchase. Item #1200 – Retail Price, $31.00; Sale Price, $9.30 (Save $21.70)

(Customer Specials and Hostess Specials cannot be combined and please remember our Holiday delivery cut-off dates!)


Monday, September 29, 2008

Tomorrow Sept. 30th is the last day for September Specials!!

Good evening. I just wanted to let you know that tomorrow Sept. 30th is the last day to order the Medium Totes at regular price & receive a matching accessory for 1/2 price. Please call me or email me by 3pm tomorrow if you are interested in ordering this month's special!

Buy an Adult Backpack, Medium Tote or Cindy Tote from the Brown Woven or Black Bubble
Quilting Collections, get 50% off an accessory.

1710 Adult Backpack Brown Damask, $64.00
1711 Adult Backpack Black Bubble Quilting, $64.00
1714 Cindy Tote Black Bubble Quilting, $69.50
1715 Cindy Tote Brown Woven, $69.50
1746 Medium Tote Black Bubble Quilting, $55.00
1747 Medium Tote Brown Damask, $55.00
1748 Medium Tote Brown Woven, $55.00

1284 Key Fob Brown Damask, $5.00
1285 Key Fob Brown Woven, $5.00
1286 Key Fob Black solid, $5.00
1288 Wallet Brown Woven, $25.00
1293 Soft Wallet Black Bubble Quilt, $20.00
1294 Soft Wallet Brown Damask, $20.00
1295 Soft Wallet Burgundy Stripe, $20.00
1297 Zip Around Cosmetic Bag Black Bubble Quilting, $14.00
1298 Zip Around Cosmetic Bag Brown Woven, $14.00
1299 Zip Around Cosmetic Bag Brown Damask, $14.00
1324 Black Dot Key Fob Black Floral Collection, $5.00
1325 Wallet Black Floral Collection, $25.00
1326 Cosmetic Bag Black Floral Collection, $14.00
1543 Wallet-Black/White Dots, $25.00

Sunday, September 28, 2008

2008 Warren County Princess Pageant

Last night was the 9th Annual Warren County Princess Pageant... My daughter was contestant number 1 - she did a great job, but only finished in the top 20.... I just wanted to say how proud I am of her & that she is always number 1 with me :o)... She was absolutely gorgeous!!! As you can tell she had a GREAT time & that is all that matters!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

October Customer Specials!!

October Customer Special #1

Folded Note Cards (set of 20) $18.00, Buy 1 set, get 1 FREE!!

FREE set will be an exact duplicate of purchased set!!

#809 - Black Floral

#810 - Curlz Monogram

#811 - Universe Monogram

#812 - Black Stripe

#824 - Black Dot Purse

#827 - Brown/Aqua Dots

#829 - Animal Print

#830 - Bubble Pop

#831 - Black/White Flower Dots

#832 - Black/Pink Flower Dots

#833 - Black /Green Flower Dots

#834 - Brown Damask

#835 - Green Damask

#836 - Camo Print

October Customer Special #2

In addition to our special on Note cards, customers can also purchase Viva Beads "Fiesta" bracelets. The first 10,000 customers to submit their orders will be able to purchase either the Classic Silverball bracelet or Chunky Silverball bracelet for only $10 with a $25 purchase. Please indicate your preference when ordering your bracelet and we will do our best to honor your 1st choice. However, due to the poplularity of this offer, we may substitute one bracelet for the other based on availability. Use item #765 when ordering this $10 bracelet. Limit one $10 bracelet per customer. Additional bracelets can be purchased for $15.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

New Mia Bella Candle

This is our newest candle available. If you are looking to burn the BEST candle on the market, call me, or email me to get the scent you want. I am fixing to place a order for fall flavors - so contact me by Monday to get your flavor picked :o).. I am going for Pumpkin Cheesecake myself... That is one of my favorite fall smells :o).. All jars are $20.00, and bags of melts are $10.00! email: or call me 273-8964, or go to my website & order

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Happy 12th Birthday Samantha!

Wow.... It is so hard to believe it has been 12 years today since I was blessed with my beautiful daughter... Lot's of things have changed since then, but so much for the better... It is hard to believe that she will be a teenager next year... There are times that we clash over stuff, but I think as women we all do that from time to time...

We are going out to eat for her birthday tonight, she is going to a friends birthday sleepover tomorrow night, & then we are having a BIG birthday luau Saturday night!!!! Whew - what a week & weekend we have planned!

Happy Birthday Samantha Brooke! I love you!!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

September Specials!!

Buy an Adult Backpack, Medium Tote or Cindy Tote from the Brown Woven, Brown Damask, or Black Bubble Quilting Collections, get 50% off an accessory.

Buy One of These :o)

1710 Adult Backpack Brown Damask, $64.00
1711 Adult Backpack Black Bubble Quilting, $64.00
1714 Cindy Tote Black Bubble Quilting, $69.50
1715 Cindy Tote Brown Woven, $69.50
1746 Medium Tote Black Bubble Quilting, $55.00
1747 Medium Tote Brown Damask, $55.00
1748 Medium Tote Brown Woven, $55.00

And Get One of These 1/2 OFF!!
1284 Key Fob Brown Damask, $5.00
1285 Key Fob Brown Woven, $5.00
1286 Key Fob Black solid, $5.00
1288 Wallet Brown Woven, $25.00
1293 Soft Wallet Black Bubble Quilt, $20.00
1294 Soft Wallet Brown Damask, $20.00
1295 Soft Wallet Burgundy Stripe, $20.00
1297 Zip Around Cosmetic Bag Black Bubble Quilting, $14.00
1298 Zip Around Cosmetic Bag Brown Woven, $14.00
1299 Zip Around Cosmetic Bag Brown Damask, $14.00
1324 Black Dot Key Fob Black Floral Collection, $5.00
1325 Wallet Black Floral Collection, $25.00
1326 Cosmetic Bag Black Floral Collection, $14.00
1543 Wallet-Black/White Dots, $25.00

You can go to my website at to view these items!!! I have the Brown Damask Medium tote & I LOVE IT!!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I just wanted to post a few of the things that are available in our new catalog... If you are interested in earning these items for FREE please contact me for a party at your home, online, or a book order :o).. Thanks so much & Happy Shopping!!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

New Mia-Bella products

Here are some new items that were introduced at the fling... I didn't get to go, but sure hope to some year!!! You can see what we have by visiting my website

New Mia Bella’s Bakery Pies – Chocolate Dream Pie, Key Lime Pie, and Strawberry Crème Pie!
New green glass Holiday Jar with gorgeous box – “Snowplace Like Home”
New and improved Hand Wash now featuring a foaming pump!
New Car Freshener – “Bay Leaf and Cloves”!
New Banana Crème Pie Mia Melts! (Fragrance only available in Melts; does not work in jars at present)

Thirty-One August Customer Specials!!

This month's customer special is Buy 1 Fabric Letter, get one FREE or Buy 1 Metal Letter Hanger, get one FREE!!!! How great is that? If you are iterested, please go to to see all of our new products... You can also order these online & have them shipped directly to your home for an extra $4.00..

Thanks so much!

Friday, August 1, 2008


Today is the day that the FALL catalog for Thirty One has been released. We can now place orders from it!!!! I know alot of you thought this day would never come.. Please visit my website at, to view the new products.. They are so awesome, just a few are shown below! You can order from my website, or I would be glad to set it up where you can do an order online!! I am still taking dates for home parties so if you are interested in having one let me know... I have a lot of people doing bookorders too... They are all listed on My Events on my website!!! Have a great weekend!!!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

8 Days & Counting :o)

It is officially 8 days from August 1...... That means in 8 days you are able to order out of the FALL Catalog :o)..... I know how many of you are ready for it too... There will still be summer stuff available to buy, but if you know of something you really want from summer catalog buy it before August 1st because if they carry over to the fall book, they go by the new pricing... IF you have any questions, or want to have a book party, online party, office party, or a party at your house, just let me know!!! I love parties because everyone can see how wonderful the products are.. I have just recently held my 1st $1000.00 show :o).... The catalogs & online pictures do not do our products justice... Contact me for more information & if you know anyone out of town that might be interested in selling THirty-ONe, please send them my way!!!! And for those of you who are wondering about my Mia Bella candle business, it is still doing just as great :o).... IF you ever need candles, or want to sell them, contact me for that too :o).. Have a great weekend..

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Register for FREE giveaway :o)

Please check out Brandie Mansfield's blog... Her work is beautiful.... You can also register to win a FREE painting :o)... What a great gift!!!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Sneak Peek - NEW FALL Products :o) Available Aug. 1st

Monday, June 30, 2008

Thirty-One Fall Catalogs have ARRIVED!!

Woohoo!!! The fall catalogs have now arrived & I can start taking orders for the new fall products August 1st, 2008... The summer products are still all wonderful as well, & some of the products have been carried over :o)... Remember those of you who book parties in July not only do you earn free product for Summer stuff, but also for FALL stuff... Start your Christmas shopping early!!! Contact me ASAP for your date :o)

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Mia Bella Candles

Just wanted to let everyone know that the Mia Bella Candles are $20.00 taxes included on all jars - all the time.... Melts are $10.00 per bag, or you can go to Silver Scissors & buy them in smaller quantities...

I have lots of melts at Silver Scissors :o)... Jars I have on hand are Chili Vanilli(1), Lemon Pound Cake (1), Sweet Orange Chili Pepper (2), Peach & Papaya(1) - first come first serve :o)

Thanks so much!

July Specials - Thirty One

Hostess Special
Specials valid on orders submitted July 1 - 31, 2008
Customer Specials and Hostess Specials cannot be combined.
Monthly Specials designed with you in mind.

As a Hostess, you can earn Hostess benefits NOW & LATER when you host a July Thirty-One Party - which you can do in your home, office, by book, or online!
Hostess Gift Certificates will be sent with your show order.
You earn all of the great Hostess rewards NOW (as shown on catalog page 3)
You earn FREE Fall Products LATER

Free Fall Products Later
Show Sales
Level one...$350..... $20.00
Level two...$550..... $20+$20=$40.00
Level three...$850....$20+$20+$20=$60.00

Note: Clearance items do not count toward $20 reward total.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Parties Parties Parties!!!

Thirty One parties are happening right now... My candle business is still doing great also, we get a new candle scent every month & this month is SUGARED CLEMENTINE :O) - yummy... Always keep me in mind if you need good clean burning candles.... Now back to the Thirty-One business... Everyone wants a Thirty-One bag, and the parties are really awesome.. The product looks so much better in person than it does online.... Just ask anyone that has one of our bags, or has been to one of our parties :o)... Our upcoming special for July parties is FREE merchandise in the Summer catalog & FREE merchandise in the Fall catalog :o)... FOr those of you that think you might want to have a party, or a book party, or an online party, let me know & I will set you up!!!! The Fall catalog is coming out at the end of the month.. Can't wait to see what awesome products we are going to have... Get with me soon - dates are going like hotcakes..

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Just some of our Thirty-One Products

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

WCMS JV Basketball

Woohoo - I have been meaning to post that Samantha made the WCMS JV Basketball team :o)... We are soooo excited & glad she made JV so she will have Coach Shea Panter for another year! She is a great coach & person. The girls really love & respect her... As most of you know there is no 7th grade team anymore... You are either Varsity or JV.... Let's just say I am proud Sam is on JV :o)... Both teams have 4 7th gradersss :o)... Well, I know I am late & I am sorry, but I have been under the weather with strep throat, bronchitis, and allergies - OH MY..... Just wanted to share my excitement!

Thirty-One & Mia Bella :o)

Good evening! I just wanted to give an update on both of my part time businesses that I absolutely love & thank God for. They are both doing great! Those of you who have ever burned my candles know that these are the best & u won't buy any others :o)... So if any of you are interested in trying these wonderful candles, they are $20.00 & I place orders about once or twice a month.. So just holler if you want something.... To view our products & see our flavors go to

My Thirty-One business has really taken off better than expected. People are loving the products, & people I didn't even know knew about it have called me & want to do a show :o)... Go me!!! I have ordered more than enough for myself also... The good thing is with this company there is always a Spring/Summer line, & a Fall/Winter line, so you can have a party in the early part of the year & you can have another later in the year. Always allow at least 3 weeks for your order to arrive once it is finalized... They also have a new special for every month that a Hostess can get for free, or dirt cheap..... IF you are interested, here is my website: The special for June is either the Small Geometric Jacquard Handbag which you can purchase for $12.00(reg. $40), or you can purchase the Geometric Jacquard Organizer/Wallet for $11.40 (reg. $38)... How great is that?? That is why my June dates are going fast. If you think you are interested get with me soon!

Well, have a GREAT evening!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Let's Make Some FREE Money!!

Ok - I took my chance at this free money thing that I saw on Holly's page... It is legite... So if you want to get $25.00 for free, click on the following link!!! This is just like paypal, but better & more secure!! Thanks & Have a GREAT DAY!!!

Refer A Friend using Revolution Money Exchange

Thursday, May 8, 2008


Sorry it has taken me so long to blog.. With Samantha playing softball all the time, I never seemed to be at home... Now me & Samantha both have strep & I have seasonal bronchitis on top of that :o(... Let's see - softball is over - woohoo, but basketball begins next week... My candle business is still going strong & growing everyday.... My Thirty-One business is really taking off as well... If you haven't had a chance to see our Thirty-One line, please do so... The website doesn't do our products justice, & that has been shown at my home shows I have been doing - customers are like "WOW - that is really nice - it looks cheap online".... Book orders, or online orders are really big with a lot of my customers now too... So if you would like to do a show or an order, just let me know!!!

Have a great day!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Thirty-One Gifts - Kit has arrived!!!

Woohoo!!! I am sooooooooooooo excited.. My kit for Thirty-One Gifts arrived yesterday! OMG - the products are even better in person.. I am now doing home shows, office shows, book orders, or even ONLINE orders!!! So for those of you who would like to get some of our merchandise for FREE - please email me & I will help you out with that! My website is You can also see who is having a party, & when by going to My Events tab... I hope to hear from some of you soon... Dates are filling up - especially with having to work around my full time job, my children, & my candles... Whew - but nothing like staying busy!!! Please let me know if you need more information on the hostess plan, & what specials we are having for each month.. Thanks - Have a Blessed Day!!

Monday, March 31, 2008


Woohoo! I went to an awesome party this weekend @ Tamra Newby's mother-in-laws house. We had a blast - I had never heard of this wonderful company before.... They are a Christian company based in Chattanooga, TN!!! It is called Thirty-One :o)... I honestly think God sent me to this party for a reason, because I was so impressed with the products that I have now become a consultant of my own... IF you would be interested in having a party, please let me know - I need to have 6 in the first 30 days after I recieve my kit - to get all the things that I need!! Please visit my website: - and "YES" I am still doing my candles too!!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Just Got back from DISNEY!!!

What a great time we all had at disney :o)... We (Me, Brian, Ryan, Samantha, My mom, & my dad) left here last Thursday night around 9pm, and got to Orlando at around 9am Friday morning... We stayed at an awesome resort called Caribe Cove Resort... Super nice!!! We did a little shopping Friday night & went to eat with some of our relatives that live there.... On Saturday we spent the entire day at the Magic Kingdom.... We all had a wonderful time there - we had dinner at the Liberty Tree Tavern and dined with all the characters - really pricey, but the food was good & the kids had a blast :o)... On Sunday we went to Animal Kingdom (which sucked!!) then we went over to Hollywood Studios & spent the rest of the day!!! Hollywood Studios was awesome as well.... If you only have a few days like we did to spend at the park definately go to Magic Kingdom & Hollywood Studios :o)... Samantha & Brian both rode the Tower of Terror @ Hollywood Studios - twice!!! The shows were great at both parks as well... We left out yesterday morning around 10am & didn't get home until 12:30am today :o(... WE had a blowout so that put a damper on things.... Therefore I took an extra day off work to get caught up on rest & cleaning :o)... Well, just wanted to update my blog!!!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Candle Parties?? Fundraisers??

If anyone is interested in having a candle party, or if you are looking for a fundraiser for your group, please contact me!!! I will be glad to help you out!!!

Saturday, Feb. 16th

I went out on a date with my daddy... This was our 10th year of attending Father Daughter Date night together.... We started attending when it was still being held at Bobby Ray Elementary.... Needless to say we had a blast even if we both were cripple & couldn't dance much! We did do the Chicken Dance, the YMCA, & danced to the slow ones... I really appreciate my dad taking me every year... This is one time every year that we have time together to just chill out & jam :o)... Thanks dad!!!!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Thursday Night :o(

For those of you who were at the Middle School game Thurs. night, that I unfortunately missed due to a tumble I took on the stairs in the bleachers... I am doing much better... Ther reset my ankle at the local RiverPark ER, & put a splint on it till I could see an ortho today.... I went to the boro today & I am now sporting around a sexy black boot :o) - lol.... Well, just wanted those of you who were there, or heard about my accident - that I am doing much better!!!!

I have another New Distributor :o)

Please welcome Shellie Grissom to my team... I think she is going to be a great asset.. She was already selling these wonderful candles, before she joined as a COTM member.... She bought 1 jar & took it with her everywhere & was getting orders right & left.... She is a wonderful person & has an awesome attitude :o)... I am thrilled to have her as a member of my team!!!!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Just grateful!!

I just have to thank my friend Allison for her wonderful candle orders almost every month I can count on her... Now if I can just talk her into selling them that would be a plus for me & her... It would definately save her on her candle costs..... I must say anyone that loves candles should join & if nothing else - just enjoy the candles at a discount. I know Allison really wants to join, just such a busy girl right now... I can always count on Allison to bring me up when I am down - thanks for that girl!!! Well, I just wanted to brag for a minute... Thanks to all my customers & you know who u are... I am glad that you love these candles as much as I do :o)

Monday, January 14, 2008

I have a new Distributor!!!

I just wanted to let everyone know that I signed a new distributor to the Mia Bella family... Her name is Fay Knight, which most of you probably know her... She runs the Our Kids Consignment Sale...... I am soooo excited to have her be a member of my team..... Thanks Fay!!! You are really going to love it!!!!


Hello - just wanted to fill you in on an exciting weekend - lol... Friday night we(WC Lions Club) went to the McMinnville Boarding Home & played BINGO with the residents... Saturday night, spent most of the day cleaning, then went to Coookeville to eat at Cheddars, & a little shopping :o)... Sunday, cleaned some more, then went to the WCMS Fast Pitch Softball meeting.... My precious little daughter Samantha has grown too fast, & loves being involved in her school & sports... She & Savannah Darnbush were the only 2 6th graders that made the Fast Pitch team out of all who tried out....... AWESOME!!! I am sooo proud of her... She is also on the 2nd honor roll & so close to the 1st...... She is maturing too fast :o(.... My little boy Ryan is 4 & will start preschool this next school year.... My how time flies.... I myself am still working at Dr Pepper (12 years), selling Mia Bella Candles(1 year), member of the Warren Co. Lion's Club(1 1/2 years), & treasurer of the WCMS Fast Pitch team.... WHew.... Well just trying to keep up to date on my blogging.... I really want to do better : o)......

Saturday, January 12, 2008

OMG-Candle of the Month is Awesome!

Ok guys - just got my candle of the month today Sweet Fig & Wild Berry!!!! I wasn't so sure about it at first, but now that I have burnt it - it is awesome!!! Just thought I would let everyone know, & always remember with our candles you only need to burn 1 at a time... Remember if you ever are in need of a candle for yourself, or as a gift I can hook you up!!! Have a great day!!

Friday, January 11, 2008


Thanks Holly - but this has taken me all day to figure out, & still can't get it to do!!! HELP!!!!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

I am trying!!

I am trying so hard to update my blog & add to it like all my other friends have done.... I am setting BIG goals this year for myself.... I want to be a better person for myself & my family... I love my family, therefore I am really going to try hard to make my candle business take off BIG TIME this year!!!! I haven't really gotten out there & busted my hump to make my candle business go, but I have recently signed a new distributor & she has given me such ambition... I have a new outlook on life.... She has told me to believe in what I want & it will happen... So far, she has been sooooo right...... Together I hope we will have one of the top teams in the Country this year!!!! If any of you are interested, or know anyone that might be interested in selling the best candles around that I have personally ever burned, then please have them contact me..... Thanks so much for listening & I will try to do better - I promise :o)....