Thursday, January 10, 2008

I am trying!!

I am trying so hard to update my blog & add to it like all my other friends have done.... I am setting BIG goals this year for myself.... I want to be a better person for myself & my family... I love my family, therefore I am really going to try hard to make my candle business take off BIG TIME this year!!!! I haven't really gotten out there & busted my hump to make my candle business go, but I have recently signed a new distributor & she has given me such ambition... I have a new outlook on life.... She has told me to believe in what I want & it will happen... So far, she has been sooooo right...... Together I hope we will have one of the top teams in the Country this year!!!! If any of you are interested, or know anyone that might be interested in selling the best candles around that I have personally ever burned, then please have them contact me..... Thanks so much for listening & I will try to do better - I promise :o)....