Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Parties Parties Parties!!!

Thirty One parties are happening right now... My candle business is still doing great also, we get a new candle scent every month & this month is SUGARED CLEMENTINE :O) - yummy... Always keep me in mind if you need good clean burning candles.... Now back to the Thirty-One business... Everyone wants a Thirty-One bag, and the parties are really awesome.. The product looks so much better in person than it does online.... Just ask anyone that has one of our bags, or has been to one of our parties :o)... Our upcoming special for July parties is FREE merchandise in the Summer catalog & FREE merchandise in the Fall catalog :o)... FOr those of you that think you might want to have a party, or a book party, or an online party, let me know & I will set you up!!!! The Fall catalog is coming out at the end of the month.. Can't wait to see what awesome products we are going to have... Get with me soon - dates are going like hotcakes..